Unfortunately, money rules nearly every facet of the modern world. Everyone is beginning to understand how the the Fed, Wall Street and big banks have gone completely out of control with outrageous schemes. But one of the lessor mentioned problems is their main tool, personal credit profiling. It’s nothing more than another elaborate scheme to hold masses of people down while manipulating and fleecing them out of large percentages of their wealth.

In the old days, credit was used sparingly. People paid for their Incidentals and staples with cash and enjoyed many benefits from doing so. Then unsecured lines of credit and credit cards with all the extra fees and big interest rates appeared on the scene.

This new kind of quick and easy credit candy also came with 3% to 6% charges for retailers who accept them which of course returned full circle, back to consumers in added costs on products from retailers. The tactics used to seduce everyone into lapping up this worthless financial filler are truly egregious and the effects have been chilling.

The amount of money people spend on interest and fees ads up to horrifying amounts of their hard earned money going out the window with nearly zero benefits and tons of detriments. The advent of credit cards/lines and deregulation thereto has led to an expansion for the retail banking industry like never before. Profits for just the top three issuers of credit cards in recent years topped those for McDonalds, Walmart & Microsoft combined. When that much money is being made off money, something’s seriously awry.

Much of todays’ retail banking is big biz at its sleaziest. They’re modern day loan sharks with complex schemes that force everyone into corners. It all starts with people essentially giving them money in the form of interest on “starter loans” to build bogus credit scores in a system made up just for banks. It automatically punishes everyone who doesn’t play along. Nobody has any choice in the matter. You will pay them and pay them well, or else.

Along with dictating important purchases like autos and homes their credit profiles are also used in consideration of other extremely important things like employment opportunities and even life or death types of insurance. Bankers created this type of profiling to keep their flocks in check and it works really great!

It seems like everyone gets all bent out of shape when it comes to any other kind of profiling while they totally overlook credit profiling. This is amazing since it’s one of the most blatantly destructive types, built solely to extort money from scores of unsuspecting people everywhere. Amazingly, this type of score keeping over the lives of people might seem logical or fair on the surface but in truth, it’s anything but.

Recently, hundreds of millions of people around the globe have found themselves in serious financial peril, many are out of work for the first time in their lives. These days everyone knows someone who’s in trouble. Whether they’re relatives, neighbors or friends there’s hundreds of millions under heavy assault by banks and their credit reporting shrills.

Those who were previously considered the salt of the earth as upstanding, reliable citizens suddenly find themselves branded as lackluster, untrustworthy indigents. But why? No one expected a recession, to get into an accident or become seriously ill. All the same, they will continue to pay the price of such flukes long after the problems themselves subside. And they’ll also bear the proverbial mark of the beast in their scores for a long time to come.

This is unacceptable and solely due to financial credit profiling. The punishments equate to millions of dreams down the toilet with a truly agonizing flush that takes 7 to 10 tough years to forget. Of course during that time, a lot of folks are more likely to slide further down the slope. It’s a pile on, that can last a lifetime, a proverbial hole that’s unnecessarily tough to dig out of. Just another cruel reality dished out by sleazy bankers.

The fact is that we’ve allowed banks and creditors to brand us like cattle with completely one sided, money centric scores. This even though they have nothing to do with how good of a person someone is, their current situation or their contributions to society.

Where on a credit report does one see anything about a soldiers service to his country, a teachers commitment to our children, a medical professionals dedication to saving our lives, a farmer or ranchers risk and effort in putting food on our tables, a college students grades, a laborers hard work or anyone whose actions actually do something for society? How does a banker compare to any of these people? Unless they’re at a credit union, they don’t.

And what about the many unique hardships someone’s encountered to make it thus far in life. If we’re going to keep scores we ought to do it on things that matter. And any type of input from Big Biz or Big Bro should be of the lowest priority or better yet, nonexistent. We need a new kind of credit profiling system. One built specifically for the people by the people and focused on the things we care about as individuals.

A system based on an entirely different set of ideals with none of the above problems mentioned and a plethora of positive attributes instead. With it and Unified Numbering we can utilize highly complex algorithms to come up with far better “scores” for everyday people that each and every person will find useful. We’ve coined it “Numbercredit”.

A blend of old world values and methodology with todays technology in a system for building profiles with factors common to real world applications useful to everyone. Along with their basic financial outlook, ones civic duties, everyday deeds, honesty, reliability, capability, current situation, ethical and moral mind sets all play parts in a good score just as they do in being a decent human being. There’s a lot of things more important than money for people to strive for and be proud of.

NumberCredit is a melding of all the normal things one might grade themselves on. It’s a little like knowing someone for what they truly are. Everyone has a friend or loved one that might not be the most popular person around or the best at certain things, it’s what makes people individuals. We all have our weak and strong points but shouldn’t be judged on any one in particular characteristic without the rest. And most certainly not by those who want and care about nothing else other than money.

There’s really no end to how people might use this new kind of credit to score the more important and relative details of their lives. It’s going to be a tool for everyday people to use across the spectrum in everyday life. And it will be individuals themselves along with the people nearest them, the only ones that matter, who do the brunt of score keeping.

In the old days they used to give out little foil stars to pupils in elementary school for similar reasons. More recently, businesses like Ebay and Amazon have made excellent use of user managed ratings systems. They work, and Numbercredit is something that makes excellent sense, until now we’ve just never had a place to implement anything like it.

Imagine a world with one central rating system for people, leaders and businesses that was accurate, devoid of wrongful character assassination campaigns and bogus accusations. Think of it like a world being ran like a small town of yesteryear where the values, opinions, history and reputations of its inhabitants are known by all. Some thought the internet could become such a tool but as usual, in walked disorganization and money. The online review sites are in it for themselves and there’s way too many of them to ever work.

We need one place to go, preferably one where all people and businesses have a public listing with their current “scores” posted right there. There’s a lot brewing with #Credit, it’s going to be an incredibly natural enhancement to the Unified Numbering Project which will really begin to glean its usefulness in phase IV of Sunrise. Your opinions and ideas will be welcome.

Meanwhile, Unified Numbering will be allocating 10% of all user contributions to a special fund set aside specifically for capitalizing “OutBank”, Unified Numberings monetary system. It together with #Credit are being built to revolutionize how we do business and handle transactions within the network, all without traditional banking scum or their credit reporting agencies.

You’re likely realizing that Unified Numbering is sort of a world unto its own and that’s because it has to be. The goal is to utilize this private, user controlled network for as many services and organizational uses as possible. By slowly breaking away from the ties that bind, we are able to approach thousands of exciting new sectors that offer incredibly positive advancements for people around the world.

Building our own credit rating and monetary systems will open doors to many exciting applications which will drive a new kind of economy which can fully utilize all the technology, methodology and benefits of Unified Numbering. However as with all things we must build the foundation first. Yes, once again we find ourselves focusing on the beginning of this project and for good reason. Getting lots of people together is the only thing that matters at first because our numbers are what makes everything else work.

And since getting people together with Unified Numbering results in the sale of NumberNames, Outbank’s database is getting used right out of the gate. It’s basically the core of the payment and accounting system everyone uses to help each other get signed up in the network. It’s also how you can transfer credits to others on your phone or computer and make money by helping with the expansion of Unified Numbering.

Aside from transfers and managing the money in your account one of the many eventual uses for Outbank will be akin to those of a credit union. Outbank will begin its banking related functions processing no interest loans to supporters who need help financing their Unified Numbering related endeavors. As the network grows so will everything else and it’s all going to be self financed by members via Outbank.

The aforementioned initial loans from OutBank will help grow the network and the end goal is to use it for as many retail banking applications as possible. And like all things Unified Numbering, we can use the profits for the network instead of handing them over to big banks or big biz. And who wouldn’t like to see this happen?

The needs, desires and timing for such changes are at an optimum. This is why $1 from every $10 contributed during Phase III goes towards this end. As they say, you’ve got to start somewhere and even if they’re just baby steps in the beginning, It’s going to be an interesting journey. Much more information regarding Outbank and #Credit will be released soon with beta sites launching in Phase III.

There’s a bright light at the end of what’s been a very long and dark tunnel in consumer banking and credit. With persistence, creativity and patience we’re going to see things through. In the end, whatever part you play in making these parts of the Project a success are in your and everyones interest.

And one day, the company you helped build will be one you can be truly proud of. This truly is your chance to help in designing a new future for mankind. The popular will of people like you is what’s going to make Unified Numbering a very popular and successful architecture for seeing humanity into the future.

Capitalism v 2.0