NumberCredit (Summary)


A 30 year loan amortized at just 5.3% (5.30404% to be precise) doubles the cost of whatever you’re buying. Then there’s credit cards and other empty lines of credit with bizarro interest rates of up to 36%.

All of these kinds of credit are based on “usury” which God illegalized. They also come with outrageous charges like; late fees, normal use fees, special use fees, reward redemption fees, reward recovery fees, foreign transaction fees, activity fees, lack of activity fees, payment protection fees, paper statement fees, electronic statement fees, interchange fees, over limit fees and etc.

All the above are ridiculous assaults upon everyday people. And although there has been some public awakening which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people moving their money to credit unions, it was only a drop in the bucket. The big banks are still in the game, ratchetting down on existing loans and gorging away.

And it’s all possible due to credit profiling which essentially forces everyone to build credit by taking out some useless, crappy loans. It’s a must for anyone that might ever want to get a loan to buy a house, car or start a biz or etc, some day. This rouse is controlled by credit bureaus which are nothing more than henchmen for the retail banking industry. These entities have somehow become the gestapo.

They are self appointed police over everyone’s most sensitive, personal information which they use to our detriment in the form of threats to harm peoples reputations to life altering degrees. It’s effecting careers, life and death medical care, insurance and many other super important areas in the lives of millions of good people. Bankers should have no business in such facets of our lives. Nor should monetary functions be publicly used as an indicator of ones value to society. There’s more to life than money grubbin’.

And where do we go to rate banks or other entities? What did you do the last time you got screwed or ripped off? Sure there’s the court system, BBB, Consumer Reports, and a long list of other places to get info and/or complain about scams and injustices but they’re usually just in it for the money too and are totally disorganized. We need a better solution.

The way we rate each other and police organizations of all types needs to change. People need a centrally organized system to score businesses, agencies, leaders and each other within a network devoid of monetary motivations. Such a system is yet another incredibly important thing we can create for the betterment of society. That’s NumberCredit and it’s going to be an awesome tool.

And like everything with Unified Numbering, building this new rating system along with our own credit union begins here and now with 10% of all contributions going to building “OutBank”, If you can’t beat em, OutBank em!


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