Public Declaration


Unified Numbering is the basis of an exciting new global network for people who desire more control over their lives, personal information and the world they live in. It begins by offering benefits to everyone in the field of identification. Communications and transactions of every kind require the use and disclosure of important, non reclaimable information. Much of such data is personal, sensitive or private, all of which is increasingly prone to unwanted distribution and abuse. Identity theft, data mining, junk mail, spam, illegal telemarketing, loss of privacy and degradation of important liberties are just a few related concerns at hand.

The Unified Numbering Project offers everyone a unique tool with unprecedented potential to spark massive change. It’s designed to address an incredible scope of issues via a powerful new democratic network of a completely different kind. One designed to assist individuals in taking control of their worlds, and the world.


The conceptualization of Unified Numbering began in the spring of 1994 with the purpose of introducing a new identification related system to the US government. Since then, the purpose and range have expanded globally with hundreds of other uses being discovered as it continues to evolve and grow exponentially.

Applications for Unified Numbering bridge both traditional and digital realms to a seemingly all encompassing scope. Those who delve into grasping the many possibilities and nuances of this only of its kind undertaking begin to realize the amazing magnitude of its possibilities. There’s never been anything like it.

The Projects’ initial focus is to harmoniously expand awareness of its existence in manners which inure individuals around the world with compelling reasons to unite, rather than divide. Widely diverse peoples from societies with long opposing stigmas can finally band in a space truly devoid of indifference.

History shows that when people band together on any problem the results they desire are just around the corner. The Unified Numbering Project inherently sparks this process. It all starts with establishing new, inalienable, globally universal identification related rights and abilities for everyone.

One such right is for individuals to create and permanently own globally unique, universally acceptable, extended identifiers for lifelong use in all communications, travel and transactions. These new identifiers are available in several forms, all of which are derived from a centralized bank of “Unified Numbers”.

Unified Numbers are specifically designed with the goal of replacing nearly every kind of identifier in existence. A project of such immensity requires a large and diverse supporting network with scores of individuals from every walk of life.

All of whom, seasoned and new alike are invited to explore, expand and utilize Unified Numberings incredible range of applications and unique possibilities as if the network was of their own creation. Just the core uses alone allow for important paradigm shifts in some of the most fundamental areas of our lives.

For the first time ever, individuals everywhere will have equal ability to participate in important decision making processes previously left to corrupt corporations and governments whose entangled agendas fail to serve humanity.

With very little effort and at no cost whatsoever if desired, the will of each person is finally to be heard on subjects critical to their futures and that of the world. Each voice has equal importance and value in the Unified Numbering Network.


History consistently reveals that how, where, when and why humans collaborate is not dependent upon the problems at hand. There are many examples where entire populations were privy to major problems (like their upcoming demises) yet remained disconnected, failing to cure them until it was too late.

Although reasons for such connective failures are many, they are fairly simple. Disbanding elements of religion, politics, age, race, gender and class reside at the top of the list. These are the predominant factors used by our enemies to separate We the People into smaller, ideological groups thereby quelling the vast majority of humanities’ greatest, would be accomplishments longingly sought by most.

This far too common and unsettling force of disbandment comes in the form of unnaturally deliberate opposition from non-human entities. They are known biblically as “shedim”, “sons of God” and “familiar spirits” or as “jinn” in the Quran and thousands of other names in different societies around the world. Publicly they are called extraterrestrials or ETs for short, the most infamous of which is lucifer.

A malevolent group among these beings are seeking revenge, excessive wealth and total political/military power over humanity. Due to their advanced IQs, likely in the 1,500 to 2,000 range, they tend to use highly complex, methodic and devious methods to misinform, distract, oppress and divide rungs of entire populations into paralyzing states of fear, complacency and inaction. As widely prophesied, this problem is worse now than ever.

And finally, the oldest, most frustrating cause of human failure is ignorance. Since its’ primary definition is “the state of being unlearned”, everyone is ignorant prior to educating themselves on any given subject. Lack of knowledge has always been, and continues to be the top killer of human progress. But there’s a cure and it begins at

Continued ignorance only occurs via closed mindedness and/or lack of access to information. With an open mind, illumination on even the most complex of big picture subjects requires little more than someone being directed or exposed to factual information/truths. We can learn our way out of ignorance and given the right venue, it’s easy, interesting, powerfully liberating and fun.

But even when people are able overcome all the above mentioned barriers to unite and educate themselves, it’s not enough to assure success. Effective long term cooperation requires ample motivation. In order to persist and succeed in major undertakings humans must be driven in manners natural to their makeup. This means the endeavors they take on must be gratifying on both spiritual and material levels. We the People must ultimately fight the good fight to find peace with ourselves.


Like many popular nonprofit grass roots organizations, the Unified Numbering Project instills strong senses of unity, morality and purpose. There’s also a plethora of positive, mutually beneficial rewards and outcomes.

However, it’s all too common for nonprofits to use a vast majority of their funds and energy in obtaining support and funding. They’re forced to wage expensive advertising campaigns to recruit needed support and are often bloated with bureaucracy leaving their causes undercapitalized and/or stagnated.

Alternately, the Unified Numbering Project is a for profit organization. So, although welcome, donations and volunteers aren’t required nor sought. The Project is self funded from direct sales of its products/services by users without costly ads. And bureaucracy is replaced with democracy wherever possible.

However, the sheer magnitude and complexity of modern problems is daunting. It’s easy to understand how individuals can feel helpless against the monolithic issues of the world. It’s by design. As always, our only hope for success rests in banding together as a dedicated team which requires organization.

Hence, the Unified Numbering Project. The only organized gathering in existence specifically designed to address age old problems of seemingly unfathomable sizes and complexity. Connecting people via a worldwide, democratic network with such specific purposes in mind is one of the primary functions of the Project.

Uniting people and societies of the planet could well be the most important work of our time. So, it’s worthy of excellent compensation. This is why the Unified Numbering Project is designed to produce significant income opportunities for those who help. Whether it be part or full time, supporting the Project pays well and important benefits come in both individual and societal terms.

In summation, the problems we face today require solidarity. With modern communication technology and the internet, a mass unification of people is now possible. The act of coming together, bridging all boundaries under one virtual roof Made and Designed by Our Creator is the first important step towards human empowerment and success.

And while technology may enable this new network, the human spirit is the true deliverer of means. It’s the motivation, strength and power of individuals which will effect changes previously unimaginable. With minuscule effort, each voice will play a viable role in the manifestation of this purposeful community.


In sharp contrast to most nonprofits, many for profit corporations grow to huge capacities with vast resources in relatively short periods of time. Unfortunately it’s these rich and powerful, money centric organizations which have the most influence and control over governments, societies and our lives.

Unified Numbering is brought to the world by an exciting new company created in full departure from the above mentioned norms. There are many refreshingly unique attributes to take note of, all of which are designed to benefit mankind as a whole while enriching the lives of individuals everywhere, one at a time.

Since it is a corporation most of its DNA is in the bylaws. What makes it unique begins with a string of language which permanently dictates strict limits on pay to its officers and employees as well as terms to limit the income of any 3rd parties with which the Project is associated. The only unlimited income opportunities are in fields which are open and of equal accessibility to all.

The particularly refreshing aspect of this is that members have far greater earning potential than its officers and employees. The millions of excellent income opportunities which naturally promote bona fide interest, participation and dedication all start at ground levels of involvement. Anyone can succeed.

All accounting is transparent so there’s no mistrust over allocation of funds. Financials are posted online as an essential, motivational part of the Projects’ success. This is a first of its kind, a model being perfected for use with all future Unified Numbering related entities anticipated to number in tens of thousands.

And one day soon, the corporation built by the people will be directed by the people. Complete democratic control will be handed to the users a little at a time in stages and then completely on the last day of Phase V, the end of Sunrise.


The Unified Numbering Project incorporates several unique doctrines. By following some simple, yet well defined rules we open new doors for everyday individuals to band together in changing the future of the world.

The projects’ officers, employees, affiliates and users alike are all directed to follow certain broadly acceptable principals described within “The Laws of Identification” and “The 5 To Dos” as outlined below.

It is believed the ideals in these doctrines are essential for the success of the project and therefore all who are associated with it and even humanity itself. If that sounds lofty, one must remember we’re talking about the unification of billions of people behind popular causes, a completely new and powerful idea.

The 5 To Dos; Humans are the only species in all of history who have cognitive control over their own fates and hence, that of their world. In order to be successful as individuals and as a species, people have certain responsibilities.


We As Individuals Must;

i. Take ultimate responsibility by accepting human beings are the only ones granted stewardship of the earth

ii. Unite with each other regardless of Adamic race, age, gender, beliefs or lifestyles

iii. Limit governmental authority and corporate influence to useful levels

iv. Educate ourselves and each other with facts and truths rather than opinions

v. Support all organizations, businesses and people who adhere to this pledge


The Laws of Identification are currently a handful of elemental, identity related rights designed to benefit everyone. They are root guidelines at this time and will inevitably grow with richer complexity as people continue to utilize and expand the many amazing applications of Unified Numbering.


To Maintain Sanctuary of Individuality, Each Person Must;

i. Have the ability to choose their universally unique personal identifiers
ii. Have root control and sole ownership of these identifiers eternally
iii. Remain in charge of all personal information related thereto
iv. Be able to easily opt out of contact from any entity as desired
v. Retain levels of anonymity in any communication or transaction
vi. Enjoy inalienable rights of privacy free from authoritative intervention
vii. Be able to enjoy peaceable, virtual solitude to the extent of their choosing


A just world guided by the popular will of connected, informed and moral individuals everywhere.


Influence, encourage, empower and assist individuals from all walks of life to take back their identities while coming together in shaping the future of mankind.


  • We at Unidigi vow to;
  • Strengthen, support and empower humanity. Specifically, we shall:  Embrace and spread the common principles of justice, equality and high moral standards commanded upon us by our Creator.
  • Do and be good for our brethren, all living things, the Earth and our Creator as we’re Commanded by Him;
  • Vigorously defend the identity related rights of its members and promote the Laws of Identification;
  • Create and maintain an easily accessible network devoid of disbanding elements where members can unite and collaborate in solving some of the worlds’ most important problems;
  • Use its assets (intellectual property such as domains, websites, trademarks, patents and copyrights as well as its infrastructure, methodologies, funds, reputation and influence) to further mankind and help others build their own innovative components for use with Unified Numbering;
  • Focus on promoting programs and ideologies which are unequivocally beneficial for humanity as a whole;
  • Demand and maintain the highest moral values from all who are directing influences for or associated with, the Unified Numbering Project;
  • Emphatically seek, expose and spread the truth about societal wrongs;
  • Popularize activism on issues which promote any of the above ideals.
  • Remove division instilled in human beings by the enemies by way of educating the masses about the enemies.


The Unified Numbering Foundation invites everyone to actively take part in their futures by joining the Unified Numbering Network and contributing their goodwill, adventurous spirits and creativity. It’s always been your world and now for the first time in history, you finally have a chance to participate in shaping it!


The Ultimate Factor

Those among the 6 billion or so folks who have studied the scriptures (Hindi, Biblical and/or Quranic) know that absolutely nothing happens without Gods’ Blessing, Guidance and Help, often via His Archangels and Angels. The great thing about all this is that it is widely prophesied (in literally a 1000 plus prophecies) by around 50 or so of the most famous and easily veritable Prophets and Messengers of God who brought us said scriptures over the last 6 millennia. That means nothing can stop this project and those who support it are supporting the Eternal future of their souls. Those who don’t aren’t, and are going to hell for Eternity. We’re here to help those fools reach their destination as soon as possible.

It’s Time!