Facilitators (Summary)


Imagine how many people have unnecessary access to your sensitive and supposedly private information. Whether it be your credit cards, drivers license, phone numbers, email accounts, home or work addresses, blood type, height, weight, Passport/s, photos, fingerprints, bank accounts, social security #, buying habits, place of work, credit history, names of friends and family, medical records, etc.

It’s a never ending list of extremely delicate information that’s all just floating around out there. Worse yet, everyone’s most critical data is being carelessly exposed and even sold to scores of businesses, the government and other organizations. Just imagine being a fly on the wall in the thousands of offices where your data is controlled and viewed by complete strangers at will and without oversight.

Unified Numbering Facilitators put an end to this kind of senseless exposure. They only allow access to the specific info that’s necessary for each industry/use. Companies, governments and other organizations will only get what they absolutely need and the truth is that’s not much. With Unified Numbering often just your United ID alone will suffice.

For instance, the post office and/or shipping company needs your address but why does the sender? The only time anyone should know where you live is because they absolutely have to in order to provide a service at your home.

The reality is that with Unified Numbering, people, businesses and governments don’t need to know any personal info, not even phone numbers or last names are necessary. All any party needs for doing anything with anyone is each others United ID in whatever form given. Everything stays safeguarded behind the veil of Unified Numberings keyway system with the Registry. Your info goes in and only comes out when and where you want it to and there’s no need for any of it to be stored by others. In fact, holding info should be highly illegal.

This is a bit complex but the basic idea is that the way private information is being handled is a farce and it continues to harm millions of innocent people. Data leaks and attacks on inadequately protected storage systems are totally common. It’s downright scary when ones stops to realize how insecure their private information really is. This alone is worthy of attention but it’s just a small part of what Unified Numbering achieves, in this case due to Facilitators.


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