Capitalism v 2.0 (Summary)


Capitalism of today is not the system it was intended to be. The once tangible goods of free trade are no longer the most profitable sector of the worlds economies. That award goes to the overtly complicated and entirely fruitless borrowing and trading of money itself within the stock market and world banking industries. Indeed. Capitalism has turned into Financialism.

The supposed Capitalist organizations of today have but one commodity which is money. And there could be no better proof for the failure of Capitalism since they’ve repeatedly collapsed economies around the world and left hundreds of millions of people destitute, intentionally.

Now Wall Street and the global media conglomerates are pillaging their ways to trillions in riches at the expense of everyone, even the world itself is taking the hit and it’s a big one. Unified Numbering is dedicated to breaking them all and the benefits are truly awesome.

Imagine a group of everyday people starting what will be the largest business ever without traditional business loans, no advertising and no “exit strategy” to go public or sell out. It’s no small feat and uncommon to be sure, but this wonderfully rich and expansive network will forever be free from clutching hands of money shufflers and ad pushers.

Those middlemen are very expensive, mostly useless parts of capitalistic corporate biz and users like you are really going to appreciate not having them around. Products and services become way cheaper and things get done for the right, utilitarian reasons without greed. Scores of everyday, hard working people will be able to set aside some cash for a change. There will be no worries over money in our future!

Yea, and Unified Numbering is here to provide significant opportunities and important cost saving benefits for everyone who supports it. Unlike most businesses today this isn’t about making a handful of people rich. Unified Numbering is based on a true free market driven by the will of We the People and that’s the only good recipe for overall success. So, in the end it too is all about money, but in a good way.


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