The Registry (Summary)


There can only be one overseeing authority for any provision of numbers, names, addresses or other identifiers within any given system. It’s what assures each identifier is unique and addressable. If this weren’t the case there would be chaos everywhere with duplicate zip codes, phone numbers, social security numbers, auto licenses, etc.

That said, many of the problems Unified Numbering solves are deeply entrenched in the traditional organizational systems everyone relies on. So, breaking molds is an absolute requirement to effect change. And there’s no better place to start than while creating the
business behind Unified Numbering.

That business is the Registry, the very foundation for the future of Unified Numbering. So far, we’ve built it with as much caution and care as we could muster and afford. The rest will be up to people like you.

This is why Unified Numbering;

• Has had no affiliations with other corporations

• Is not controlled by outside investors

• Will be driven solely by the desires of its users

• Will not become a publicly traded corporation

• Is designed inside out for protecting privacy rights of users

• Offers so many opportunities for everyday individuals to succeed

• Is completely different than most businesses


Meet The Family (Summary)
Registrars (Summary)