Take Off! (Summary)


The Unified Numbering Project needs people as much as they need it. It’s a match made in heaven and there’s much to gain. Your definition of success is the same as ours. As a matter of fact, your goals are ours and we want to give you everything it takes for you to succeed while doing some really wonderful things. This is where you can get together with others to make big things happen.

And just remember, there’s no army nor force of any kind more powerful than a well connected group of people with the right tools. Resistance will occur but such struggles have been continuous and this network is designed to bare the fruits of liberty and freedom like never before.

Unified Numbering is literally designed to forge the revolution of all revolutions. Putting everyday people in control of their world and the world is in fact it’s “raison d’etre” (reason for existence). This is a chance for individuals and entire societies to move forward collectively with ultimate pride and awesome purpose as intelligent beings. It’s simple and all about progress for which revolutions are always necessary. They are in fact the only form of societal maintenance ever afforded to people which is now much needed and long overdue. To the point in fact that our future and that of the world are now at stake.

As we trod forward confidence can be gained in knowing much smaller groups of individuals than what we’re banding have done some very incredible things that would otherwise have been impossible. Revolutions have forever changed the world. It’s what happens when groups of people have gotten fed up with bogus governance. They get together to turn things around and 9 times out of 10 what they’re looking for is democracy. The thing is we’ve never had one that was real for any length of time. Corrupt individuals and organizations always creep through the cracks and screw things up. That’s why we’re going to put together a democracy that’s bullet proof, a pure democracy. The only reason it’s never been done is because “they” don’t want us to do it. But that’s not happening this time, we’re going to build a pure democracy and then we’ll see just how big we can make it. Makes one wonder what could happen if 100 important people like YOU and YOUR friends were to get to work on this doesn’t it? And what if 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 a Million, 10 Million, 100 Million, a Billion, or Maybe 7 Billion Important People Like YOU, YOUR Friends, YOUR Family, YOUR Co-Workers and ALL OF YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS Found Out That We Can All Actually Do Something To Change The World!

It’s Time!


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