Sunrise (Summary)

The introduction or “Sunrise” period for Unified Numbering is broken into 5 phases each with many unique opportunities which includes the ability for early birds to get the best Numbernames and receive big returns on their contributions. These are great benefits for those who help early on.

It’s an intentional gift to members of the generations who are essentially building this Network but there’s many more. And since Unified Numbering is so far reaching, there’s also a multitude of excellent business and career opportunities in practically every industry you can think of.

Below is a brief outline of events relating to said opportunities to be carried out during each Phase of Sunrise. However, since Phase III is expected to take several years, not a lot of emphasis was put into forecasting too many details beyond it. Only the basics have been forecasted and even those aren’t absolute since users will inevitably change things up as we go.

You might notice in particular there’s not much in phases IV and V. This is due to the fact that users will begin taking control of the Project and start to fill in the blanks upon launching of Numbervote.


Unidigi files as a Nevada C Corp

The Preferred Capital Fund is Established

Keyway Coding & Provisioning of Base Provider Side Databases is Completed

Doctrines of The Five Truths, Rule of Ones and Laws of Identification are Established

Development of House Registrar & SSO “Numbername” Beta is Completed

Development of House Facilitating Provider “Numbervote” Begins

Numbername Merchant account is created vie Unidigi Checkout System

SSL is installed on a Dedicated Server for Beta Through Phase II

The Unified Numbering Manifesto is Finalized

Development of closed network, spam free email provider Olabox Beta is Completed

Development of House Informational Site “” is Completed

Development of House Facilitating Provider “Numberbiz” Beta is Completed

Development of House Facilitating Provider “Numbercart” Beta is Completed

Development of framework for the “LastSN” Begins

Development of House Facilitating Provider “Numberpoll” begins

Development of Public Directory “NumberDex” Begins


The Unified Numbering Registry is Completed to Undergo Beta in English

A total of 5,000 Extra Short 7-8 digit numbrenames, 4, 5 and 6 digit Ultra Short Numbernames are allocated for release to the first 5,000 Unified Numbering Users, the 5Kers.

Prototype databases undergo rebuild with accommodations for ID Levels 6 thru 8

Architecture and Core programming for the real databases begins


The “5Ker” campaign ends, extra short and ultra short Numbernames will be removed from availability until a later date as determined by users.

The Billion Dollar Phreb begins w/limited discounted distribution of the 4 common classes of Numbernames. goes live as official House Registrar and SSO (Single Sign On) site goes live as network wide payment gateway

www.numberdex goes live with listings for local businesses and users goes live with basic accounting functions to track sales/commissions

Development of House Facilitator “” Begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins

Development of House Facilitator “” begins receives the initial 100 objectives for the Project from users

New Server Arrays Allocated with the real databases and 1 million beta users

Remaining Users and Data are Migrated

The Billion Dollar Phreb ends


Private Registrars go live

Registration Incentives Offered By Private Registrars Only From This Point Forward goes live for all Level 3 and higher users

20 Private Providers are chosen and sanctioned for development

Top 4 language requirements are met by Registrars & Key Providers

Charter and development of House Facilitating Provider Outbank begins goes live with 20 million users in beta

Unified Numbering for Organizations, Objects, Animalia and Groups is unveiled, Programming Begins

Land Rush Begins For Private Facilitators and Providers

Unique Providerships offered up for member vote on first come, first able basis

Development of additional Registrars is sanctioned per user consensus


Free commerce is established for Private Providers and Facilitators

Registrars launch consortium sites building strategic partnerships with Providers for continued betterment of user services with more competitive pricing ongoing.

Unified Numberings First Officers are Elected by Users

The Unified Numbering Foundation files as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Administrative control of the Project is handed to the Unified Numbering Foundation.

Users take control of Unified Numbering in its entirety from this point forward.

Opportunities (Summary)
Billion Dollar Phreb (Summary)