NumberName (Summary)


Unified Numbering came to exist so that one day, your Numbername will be the only thing you’ll ever have to give to anyone for anything you’d ever do with them. (ie; purchases, calls, emails, faxes, shipments, taxes, government, banking, legal, voting, medical, etc.)

You’ll only need just one of these super user names to remember, hand out and use for your entire life. And simplicity is just one of many benefits. Another of equal importance comes in the fact that whoever you give yours to will only have whatever personal information you want them to have at any given time, forever.

Everyone can own one and there’s even a way to do so for free. But since the single, lifetime registration fees for Numbernames are the sole means of how the Unified Numbering Project is being capitalized, people are asked to purchase one of whatever length they can reasonably afford.

With trillions available there’s plenty to go around but the short ones are the best and there’s relatively few of them. So, those who are bringing the project into reality are getting the best Numbernames. If you’re one of those few it’s a form of thanks so, enjoy!


Unified Numbering (Summary)
NumberCredit (Summary)