Facilitators are in great part responsible for Unified Numberings ability to provide ground breaking privacy and anonymity related benefits to users. They separate sensitive user information into pieces necessary for each industry/use.

A prime example of the usefulness of facilitators can bee seen in the case of “NumberMail” the Unified Numbering networks shipping facilitator. #Mail will be the only entity aside from the Registry where user addresses will be stored. This is how users will one day be able to send and receive parcel posts easily, safely and anonymously. Imagine sending a package to someone with only two pieces of information on the label, your United ID and theirs.

The same thing happens with telecommunications, banking, medical and all other facilitators. Each uses only the information necessary to facilitate whatever type of activity occurring. Divvying things up in this manner is an incredibly valuable methodology for ensuring superior privacy, safety and security to users of the network. It’s a major improvement over how information is managed in current systems and the answer to finally end many forms of fraud and other abuses involving personal information.

The importance of Facilitators cannot be overstated as such abuses have been proven to be crippling to millions of individuals who have fell victim to issues directly attributable to the disarray in management of their personal information in modern societies around the globe.

The propensity for such incidents has become increasingly common due to simple factors of over exposure in a digital age fraught with intensive use and reliance upon the transmittal of private and sensitive information.

Nearly every industry you can imagine will benefit from the utilization of Unified Numbering and most require at least one Facilitator to handle the secure transfer of information necessary to conduct transactions and communications with users.

The way it works is each Facilitator is assigned a unique and secure keyway from the Registry for linking to basic user info (First Name, Year of Birth and any form of Unitied ID) on file at the Registry. This info is then used to connect businesses, government agencies and individuals to whatever info each have defined as allowed or accessible to the other.

Facilitators are essential in the functionality of Unified Numbering for three important reasons;

1) They house only the data necessary for each industry/use which creates a natural, multi parsed defense mechanism against hackers.

2) They effectively separate each specific industry/use so we can all enjoy better network performance while making solid strides in negating much of the risk of any system wide failures.

3) User data is only available where it’s absolutely required so no one company or entity has access or control over more than they need to. ie; an email service provider cannot access phone data, nor can a medical provider access financial data and vice versa, etc.

Below are just a few examples where unique facilitators are required;

• Direct Purchases
• Online Purchases
• Recurring Payments
• Loans
• Investments
• Taxes
• Telecommunications
• Voice Mail
• Faxes
• Email
• Texting
• Tweets
• Shipping
• Contact Management
• Grouping of People
• Grouping of Organizations
• Calendars
• Project Management
• Voting
• Medical Records
• Education Records
• Financial Records
• Credit Records
• Reviews
• Travel
• Insurance
• Licensing

The list goes on and on. While several of the more essential or core Facilitatorships are being, or have already been built for getting the Project off the ground, many will be privately owned in the future.

Again, this spells opportunity. The necessity for each future Facilitator will be borne in lock step with new Service and Product Providers as they’re allowed access/involvement with users of the network. Many Providers require more than just a connection to the Facilitator by which they’re serviced.

While most industries/uses can be assisted via stand alone Facilitators, there are many other circumstances which will necessitate changes be made in the in house data systems used by Providers. This requires unique, Provider side information management applications that can securely communicate with Unified Numbering Facilitators.

They will be necessitated for certain industries in particular and will require either replacement or modifications of whatever data systems then in use by each Provider. This is long range but nonetheless important to consider now. Whether they be employed by their companies acting as Providers or private entities, this equals a lot of work for programmers certified for work with Unified Numbering.

Much of what Unified Numbering accomplishes comes from the extension of its core function as an essential unifying element for masses of critically important digital information. What a Facilitator does can be technical, but what they provide is safe harbor and secure passage for everyones sensitive information. This is an obvious and welcome departure from the current state of affairs where thousands of unknown organizations and people have access to your most private and sensitive info.

And the bigger the entity the more they have. The truth is that the all knowing, all seeing eyes of big bro and big biz desperately need some blinders. This is a really big deal for everyone and Unified Numbering Facilitators are the key. They take the exposure out of living digitally. It’s another way that Unified Numbering puts governments and businesses back on track to work for the people they serve.

So, herein lies the foundation of what all desire whether knowingly or not. Safe and simple use and dissemination of their personal information is the key to embracing information technology. By limiting exposure we can make solid strides to greater security and more control over who has our personal information and Facilitators make it all possible.


Numbervote is a very liberating component to Unified Numbering. Nothing could be more important than everyones equal ability to effect change within this network as we grow it in the coming years. There’s really no end to the number of things people could vote on and there shouldn’t be. Everything we do as individuals or groups of any size can effect the network and everyone in it as a whole.

As user numbers rise and expansion carries through there will be an unprecedented need for unilateral decision making and agreement from those who such decisions will effect. Each voice equates to a part of a whole that cannot be whole without it. And if the pure democracy of Numbervote is received by everyone as well as we think it will be, where we go from here is going to be a truly awesome journey with no end in sight. Everyone loves Democracy and Unified Numbering is an awesome realm for a new version of it. One that’s easy to take part in and fair to all.


LastSN (Last Social Network) is one of the most exciting facilitators for the actual networking of people within Unified Numbering. It’s the core of a new kind of social network that allows for an unlimited amount of unique layouts, flavors and purposes. Whether it be jobs, dates, classifieds, schoolmates, families, work groups or any combination thereof, the LastSN will connect everyone like never before. Like all Unified Numbering sites there’s no 3rd party ads but what makes LastSN even more unique is the fact that it’s designed around the Unified Numbering keyway to carry out connections with people, governments and businesses on a wonderfully evolved platform.

Like all Unified Numbering facilitators, it’s free and many, many individuals and Providers will use it for developing their own SNs to be interconnected by the amazing technology behind Unified Numbering. The first site will be AKAme which is the first Private Service Provider for Unified Numbering. AKAme has been under development for nearly 2 years and will be launching in the latter part of Phase III. It’s going to be a ground breaking event for everyone. Even those who haven’t considered joining a social network will find AKAme which uses the LastSN to be extremely useful, and fun.


With the advent of Numbermail we will all see the absolute end to physical junk mail. No more, none, notta. That’s just the start though, many more benefits will come from Numbermail once it’s fully utilized. It’s going to take some doing but the rewards are truly spectacular.

One day the gateway provided by Numbermail could become our most essential tool for directing mail and shipping packages via private shippers and government postal services. Numbermail will make it possible to send a letter or package to anyone without knowing their full name or location, a revolutionary idea for a level of safety and privacy never possible. Imagine buying something on line, paying for it and having it shipped to you anywhere in the world without the seller knowing any of your personal information. And forget about needing to notify the post office, OR ANYONE of a change of address. Your mail/shipments will go wherever you go, instantly. It’s coming in Phase IV.


Numberbiz is the sole facilitator for Providers to provide compensation to direct marketers with regular money or Unified Numberings own form of currency, Numberbucks. Any Service Provider who offers anything for sale via users will be able to use Numberbiz to inform them of their Services and handle their pay outs. Numberbiz is where users go for information and support and to view all their account activity. It’s all available via the home screen in their account at Numbername where everyone can see sales reports, upcoming bonus offers and learn who the top players are along with finding many useful tools and educational resources to help them succeed.


Olabox is Unified Numbering’s electronic communications facilitator. Whether it be email, chat, text, SMS, voip, fax, cellular, wired or other, all of our electronic communications will be authenticated and dispatched to the Providers of each user’s choosing via Olabox. Starting with simple intra network email services, Olabox promises to be the means by which we are finally able to eliminate all forms of electronic spam. The first 10 million Users in Phase III will receive lifetime Olabox email accounts. And Olabox emails are guaranteed to be free of spam, forever!
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