Unified Numbering

Those lucky enough to be from a technologically advanced society find themselves associated with literally 100s if not 1,000s of account #s, IDs, phone #s and many other miscellaneous types of identifiers during their lifetimes. They come from every direction whether desired or not, in totally random lengths and forms which are often nonsensical.

We’ve had physical addresses for centuries and everyone’s gotten used to phone numbers. But in just the last 15 years, we’ve added hundreds of millions of URLs, email accounts, social network accounts, user names etc. and then there’s passwords or other types of verifications for each and every one of them!

A person living a hundred years ago would likely think we’re nuts, maybe they’d be right. It wasn’t that long ago people joked about feeling like a number, Bob Seger even wrote a hit song about it. What everyone was missing was a shocking reality, that being we are actually hundreds of numbers, not just one! The majority of which nobody has a choice in choosing, organizing or brandishing.

Imagine having only a single number or name, a “United ID” of your choosing for absolutely everything you do. Just one thing to remember, provide and use for absolutely every type of communication or transaction both in person and on line for your entire life. No more account numbers from companies, user names, checks, bank cards, phone numbers or government IDs of any kind to use, reference, memorize or keep track of, ever again.

Then imagine retaking total and utter control over all your personal information while having unmatched security and a single password for every kind of communication and transaction you’ll ever perform.

The aforementioned are just a few examples of problems that Unified Numbering is designed to address. Imagine if the entire system were administered by a new company designed to be controlled entirely by its users with no outside government or corporate ties whatsoever. It’s a mere peek into a bright new organization with a huge range of services and powerful tools for everyone.

And as eluded, Unified Numbering embodies even broader purposes and functions. The project has an incredibly diverse and unique mixture of democracy, technology & opportunity. Unified Numbering is a tool for individuals to have simple, powerful and significant parts in making really big things happen with very little effort and great reward.

The scope of applications is broad and of course gets technical but the basic concept of Personal Unified Numbering is easy to grasp. In short, it’s a system that allows each person to have one global identifier under their sole control, for everything they do over their lifetimes. It also incorporates a new way of voting as one of its most empowering parts.

But first about United IDs. Originally in the US, a social security number was presented as an item of sanctity to guard with reverence. However it’s hard to do anything without giving your SSN out to scores of strangers. These days everyone gets your super secret number. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the problem with that, yet here we are.

According to the FTC victims of identity theft are now numbering greater than 30,000,000 in the US alone. That’s one in ten. It’s at the top of the most unsettling, sometimes debilitating things that can happen to a person in this credit based society. And don’t kid yourself, no one’s safe. Whether it be from dumpster diving, skimming, phishing, address changes, plain old theft or pretexting, there’s plenty of exposure and risk to everyone.

One of the problems is that our identification systems are antiquated beyond belief. Another is that there’s no publicly managed check system that works. Citizens have no control over the most sensitive thing we can possibly possess, our identities. Much less all the important information related thereto. People need that control, all of it!

United IDs aren’t like all the other IDs people have had. For one thing, unlike social security numbers and other identifiers they don’t contain ciphers. So, our full names, gender, location, date of registration and all other personally identifiable info is completely guarded and unavailable to would be wrong doers.

And United IDs are totally devoid of predetermined tags, cryptic identifiers, secondary associations or keys of all kinds. They are also permanently bound to, and controlled solely by each individual holder forever. A simple 2 or 3 minute, one time registration process is all it takes for anyone to get their Unified Number. There’s no annual fees afterwards and no one can ever take yours away which are complete departures from the norms.

And if you stop to think about the multitude of various tasks, transactions, interactions and communications we perform using numbers while living our lives in modern civilization, there’s nothing more blatantly obvious than the need for a Unified Numbering system. With a little brainstorming you’ll begin to find the uses and benefits are very far reaching.

United IDs are made to be the only piece of information given to banks, doctors, employers, utility companies, federal, state and local governments, businesses of all kinds and people of all associations. There will be no need to provide your name, address, phone numbers, credit cards, social security numbers, etc.

And no one will stick you with another meaningless, impossible to remember account number. Instead, you provide your United ID and then you alone will control exactly what information each party gets, ongoing. Then, Social Security Numbers and all other 3rd party IDs and account numbers can be set aside in the wonderful obsolescence of their databases and files, as they should be.

With this single identifier you’ll be able to buy a sandwich at the store, a plane ticket, get a loan for a house or check in to the emergency room in Timbuk 2 with all your medical info. All without having your drivers license, passport, insurance info, credit cards or cash on your person. And there’s nothing to lose, get stolen or misplace, you’ll always know your United ID and password which is all you’ll need to do it all.

Medical records, tax records, credit profiles and every other kind of private information pertaining to you will be instantly accessible only by you and those you specifically allow on a per instance basis. It’s your information and you will be able to do with it however you see fit at any given time, forever.

Beginning in Phase III of Unified Numberings Sunrise period, everyone can go to the house registry; www.numbername.com to reserve their United IDs and participate in this exciting endeavor. Getting your United ID is the first step to building a veritable fortress around your private information where you alone will hold the key. It’s designed to become a real nail in the coffin for identity thieves, impersonators and fictitious players of all kinds.

You could post yours on a billboard for the whole world to see without concern of your identity or private information being compromised. It’s the ultimate solution to connecting and transacting with others safely. And Unified Numbering will totally revolutionize how we communicate and stay connected over our lifetimes. No matter how much time passes, you’ll never fall out of touch with anyone unless you choose to.

You’ll be able to set a preference for each entity directing communications from them to the desired email account/s, cell phone/s, home phone/s, fax number/s, home mailing address/es, business address/es, shipping address/es etc. Once the preference is set, 50 years could pass and that person will still be able to reach you regardless of where you’re at or what contact information changes you’ve incurred, just like it was yesterday, so long as you want them to.

Regardless of where you’re living now or later, what phone or email address you’re using or how long it’s been since you’ve communicated, each party will be able to get through to the other like nothing ever changed. Nobody would know the difference.

And if you’re on vacation in a resort on the other side of the world when no one knows you’re there, the people you want to be able to contact you will be able to get through instantly without and need of knowing where your at.

They’ll be able to do so via whatever medium you have set for them (ie; voice, mail/shipping, fax, email, text, chat, SN or any other, more on this later herein) ongoing. All from a private network that’s not associated with any government or corporation all the while remaining ad free and under your ultimate control.

And if at any time you don’t want to hear from someone whether it’s a company, individual or group your will is done, for however long you choose. Communications are one of the greatest things that Unified Numbering enhances, but there’s much, much more!

The beautiful thing about Unified Numbering is that you’re the boss. You’re going to have control over where the organization goes, what issues it addresses, where its money is spent, who works for it and with it, ect. The question is where do we start?