No Bait, No Switch

One of the many refreshing aspects of Unified Numbering is its business model. Everyone’s tired of ulterior motives and seedy practices from ravenous individuals, politicians & corporations. If such entities were to oversee, own or otherwise control Unified Numbering, the devil would be in the details. It would be a travesty, yet another loss for the common good of people.

We’ve all seen the movie, time and time again. A great idea is born, it equates to profits on a spreadsheet, greed from investors overshadows good will and another hungry, soulless corporation is born. Given the incredibly vast landscape of Unified Numbering, if that were to happen here, people would be subject to one of the most grandiose of fleecings imaginable.

We’d enjoy all the other usual tactics like delivering sub par products and services for free while dangling the most useful ones at over the top prices. This old golden carrot trick has become one of many popular strategies with our beloved corporate giants and it’s one of the kinder ones.

Unfortunately it’s the common nature of corporate structure to put the welfare of their bottom lines at the forefront of their agendas rather than the needs and concerns of the majority of people they serve. Profits and stock prices trump most considerations in nearly every company you can find these days. And not only do people pay dearly with our hard earned cash, it’s becoming more and more common to be treated with utter disrespect.

These days when companies screw up, they just rub your nose in their mess and send you another bill. And if you don’t cower, back down and pay up, they can and will do all sorts of things. It might start with cancelling your service, especially if it’s something you rely on. Then would begin the legal onslaught of collections and the all out attack on your credit profile. Sure, you could take them to court but that costs money and takes time not to mention the stress. It seems that everyone is better off just bending over and trying to move on. It’s a rigged game. Consumers and citizens need more control, much more.

In contrast to what we’re all used to, one of Unified Numberings’ top priorities is to operate the most user friendly business structure conceivable, one based on a true Democracy. Voting will be a very liberating and powerful component for users of Unified Numbering. Ultimately, the only people that have control, are the ones that should. And by relying on ourselves, we can guarantee we’re doing the right things for the right reasons.

For instance, if we as a community feel as though it would be beneficial to spend a hundred million on some sort of advertisement, we’ll do it. Or not! And in the case of the latter, we also won’t pay for it in our bills. FYI, a popular American cell phone company spent 30 times that much on advertising in 2009 alone. That’s “our money” because everyone pays for all advertising and other costs which are rolled back into the prices of all the products and services consumers pay for. It’s a vicious circle for consumers, we pay for everything.

In contrast, everyone working for or partners with Unified Numbering is contractually bound to operate within the same democratic procedural guidelines which for starters, negates the need for advertising. One result is fair and equitable operations free of monetary motivations thereby making things consistently in favor of the people being served. This fundamental idea along with the fact that each qualified user will have the ability to bring forth initiatives and vote on a wide range of user related issues makes participation in this community wonderfully unique and rewarding. Everyone counts.

Also, all Unified Numbering products and services are provided at prices people can easily afford. As a matter of fact, many of Unified Numberings best services will be free and without pushing endless streams of annoying 3rd party ads in the faces of users or by overcharging them. The only expensive products and services around Unified Numbering are things like premium Numbernames which aren’t necessary or required by anyone.

However, quantities for the shorter varieties are naturally limited by the constraints of alphabetical and numerical characters and therefore, they cost more. These premium United IDs are fun, more distinctive, memorable and easier to use but by no means are they necessary for anyone to enjoy all the benefits of Unified Numbering. It’s a vanity thing. And when someone buys one they’re helping everyone so, it’s a win, win.

Since the funds generated from the sale of Numbernames is how Unified Numbering is being capitalized, it’s easy for everyone to be thankful for people who can afford to register shorter Numbernames. This helps bridge the divides of wealth gaps betweem users. Those who can afford premium Numbernames will enjoy the benefits two fold. First by the ease of use and memorability then by more importantly the distinction of having been a significant contributor to the project. It’s another win, win.

And although we are selling some of the best Numbernames now at steep discounts which means they won’t be available later, it’s also true that now is when additional financial resources are most beneficial to this project. It works.

Also worthy of note is that Unified Numbering is dedicated to frugality, the wiser we are now, the stronger the network will be in the end. This starts by refraining from careless expenditures. Things like huge advertising budgets, lofty office buildings, company jets, inflated compensations, meetings in lavish locations and other completely unnecessary costs swell the end prices of all products and services which consumers pay dearly for.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when they see Unified Numberings officers and high level employees working from home, utilizing virtual meetings instead of flying thousands of miles to meet with others, staying at cheaper motels or running around in RVs rather than staying at the Ritz and being chauffeured in limos and etc.

And putting the brakes on all reckless expenditures is just another no brainer. The difference between actual costs of many products/services and the prices consumers end up paying is commonly between 40% to 95%. This type of radical inflation and gluttonous profiteering is beyond rational justification.

Keeping things down to earth makes sense for everyone and this kind of frugality is sure to give Unified Numbering a big edge in the future. So, everyone should smile and feel good about Unified Numbering being cheap. It’s a beautiful thing.

An interesting fact about business is the bottom line can only be grown in 3 ways. You can:

• Raise Prices,
• Lower Costs or
• Increase Sales

That’s it, there are no other way for any company to make more money. Unified Numbering is dedicated to focusing 100% on the last two.

The "Do Over"