Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unified Numbering? With a little investigation you’ll find it’s actually many, many things with far reaching uses and implications like nothing prior. It’s also chock full of exciting opportunities for people from all societies around the globe.

Most importantly, this could be mankinds’ first real shot at solving the worlds oldest and largest problems. It all starts now with the beginning of a world wide revolution of a completely different kind. Just a few of Unified Numberings’ primary functions are basis for;

• A business structure based on pure democracy, being built and controlled solely by users from around the world with specific purposes of retooling society for the future by gaining absolute influence and control over the worlds governments, leaders and corporations.

• A completely new type of social network that’s totally free to anyone with a United ID. It’s also devoid of ads and there’s no data mining or selling of any personal info. This is a network focused on individual freedoms and important rights of privacy. Unlike other networks like F – – – Book, Unified Numbering is not funded by or associated with the CIA, Government, Corporations or Big Media. There are zero ulterior motives nor any third party interests to serve.

• An apex level organizational system that eliminates the need for all known IDs, numbers, addresses & user names. Unified Numbering is designed to simplify modern life by allowing each person in the world to choose one master user name, account number and password for absolutely everything they’ll ever do with businesses, governments, organizations & people everywhere. All while enjoying utter freedom, security and complete control over all their personal information.

• A powerful tool for everyday individuals to succeed and benefit personally while drastically changing the future of humanity.

• Unified Numbering is the “The Revolution of Revolutions”!

“This is exactly what’s missing whenever people have heard disturbing news or happened across a troublesome documentary and felt helpless to effect change. Finally, a safe and well organized place for everyone to act in directing world affairs in the best and most efficient ways imaginable. All that along with thousands of wonderful career opportunities”

Is Unified Numbering Anti-Government? Absolutely not, it his however, without any doubt, Anti-Broken Government. Our best hope of righting things could very well be in using the network to fix our governments. You’ll see we can do so by calling out leaders/representatives who are suspected of being corrupt and demanding they either agree to helping us or be subject to removal from power/representation while facing arrest and prosecution for their respective crimes where applicable. There’s no mistaking that Unified Numbering is here to shake things up but it’s for the good of the world, our governments and everyone they’re meant to serve. Something like this simply had to come along.

Is Fixing our Governments the Main Purpose for Unified Numbering? Not originally, the manifestation of this use is entirely serendipitous. Unified Numbering started as a new kind of social network to be owned and operated by the people for the purpose of better managing our personal information and ridding our lives of ridiculous things like spam, junk mail, solicitations, identity theft and advertising while performing an operational experiment with pure democracy. It was hoped if we could use it successfully for voting on everything related to the network itself, we could one day use it for determining other decisions as well. There’s no end to what we could do with a worldwide voting network managed by We the People, of the world. Imagine getting reliable results without unfair bias from leaders and corporations. Outcomes of important votes for things like elections and laws could be trusted again.

Is Unified Numbering a Political or Religious Sect? No. However, it’s designed to be 100% directed and controlled equally by all users who of course are of various religious beliefs and opinions regarding politics. It is for this reason we ask all users, but 5Kers in particular to sponsor/refer as broad of range of individuals as possible rather than just those from any particular faith or political mind set. This is important to see that no group will have excessive influence in the democratic process which controls the future/direction of Unified Numbering. You’ll soon understand this is the perfect opportunity to unite with people around the globe even those who you have always been in opposition with. EACH INDIVIDUAL IS IMPORTANT.

Where Does Money from Contributions Go? Simple, since there’s no payroll or bonuses of any kind being paid during the early phases all the money from contributions goes to pay for the real costs associated with building and running this network. Unified Numbering won’t have employees until mid term of Phase III and officers of the corporation will not be taking wages nor salaries until Phase IV. At that time and forward, the wages to be paid shall be decided upon by users via voting. Also, financial information is always 100% transparent and available for all users via links on the main login page.

If there’s no employees, wages or salaries, how can people make money with Unified Numbering? Phases II and III are focused almost entirely on building a strong member base. This occurs when users refer or sponsor others. Upon doing so they are automatically compensated in two ways; The first is via a commission applied in real time to their accounts and the second is by trading or selling a special form of credits for direct cash income (or other benefits via barter). Both offer significant potential and it’s believed this is just the beginning of many thousands of incredible opportunities for people everywhere on a first come basis. Also, everyone is equal within this organization. There is no preferential treatment or unfair advantages for anyone. A brand new user will always have exactly the same opportunities as any employee, manager or even an officer of the corporation in the future! We’re all equals.

Where will I be able to use my Unified Number in the future? Anywhere you’ve ever used your name, a user name, phone number, address or other identification of any kind. The goal is that one day it will be the only identifier you’ll ever need to remember or give out to anyone for anything. People will be using their Unified Numbers in the forms of PUNs, Nicknums and Numbernames in place of all their phone numbers, id numbers, account numbers, user names, licenses, registrations, addresses and a myriad of other identifiers both on the web and in person. You’ll have the ability to learn all about this at the “UNF” web site (Unified Numbering Foundation) once signed up.

When will I be able to use my Unified Number? Immediately! You can already use it to unite people within the network which produces capital for expansion of it and even income for you if so desired. That’s what Phases II and III are all about. Then, several key service providers are set to launch in Phases III and IV which will provide some awesome benefits and functionality for users. One of the first and most exciting is “AKAme” which is a cross between a highly sophisticated ad-free social network and a robustly secure contact management and unified communications system. AKAme is part of the “LastSN” (Last Social Network) which fully utilizes Unified Numbering technologies. Once unveiled it will change how we interact with one and other as well as businesses and government entities of all kinds who will be excited to see the many new ways and means of operating at their disposal. AKAme will be launching in Phase III. When you first log in with your Numbername to any LastSN site you’ll get a real feeling for what’s to come. It is then that everyone will begin to understand the excitement and enormity of it all.

Can I register more than one Unified Number? Yes, up to two per person but not until phase III. Then everyone can register two extra longs or one extra long and another of any shorter class. In addition, users will also be able to create different “Personas” soon but more on this in phase IV.

Can I change Unified Numbers? Sure but it could cause a lot of confusion for those that know you. Especially if you’ve had it for any length of time, this is one of the things that makes Unified Numbering very special, you only need one for your entire life. So, while you are free to change up, it needs to be carefully considered.

If I do change can I get my old Unified Number back? No, it’s permanently deactivated for the remainder of the original registration term.

How long does my registration last? For now, one time Unified Number Registrations last 200 years. And unlike domain names, trademarks, patents and etc., there are no annual fees or additional charges for PUN, Nicknum or Numbername registrations, ever.

Will others know if I change my Unified Number? Only those you want to know will, the rest will only see that you’re not available under your old one anymore.

Can I transfer my PUN, Nicknum or Numbername to someone else? No, Unified Numbers are not transferable. If you ever hear of someone trying to sell or trade their Unified Number it’s not allowed and needs to be addressed by notifying . The last thing the world needs is another speculative, profit driven system like the internets’ domain name game.

Can I cancel my membership? Technically People don’t have memberships with Unified Numbering but they can easily terminate their accounts. However, unlike most other networks who keep user data, all their information will be deleted excepting their Numbername and one key, 3rd party identifier if on file. If available, it must remain to assure people who have been forcibly removed from the network for fraud or other violations cannot come back at Verified or higher status under fictitious names. Due to the need for verifiable identities for voting, this network doesn’t pander to fake users. There are many, many other benefits, one is getting rid of shills and trolls.

Does my information remain my information? Yes. And albeit long and bland, there’s no funny business in our fine print. This is a company you can trust and be proud of, it’s here to serve you and your needs like no other. Read the Unidigi Terms, Privacy Policy and Non Disclosure Agreement, here: , ,

How can I get involved with Unified Numbering? Easy. Once you’ve got a user ID you can log in with it to learn more at the Unified Numbering Foundations’ Web Site and get started with all kinds of exciting things including actually working to further the network while producing income.

That’s all that imagination and time allowed for coming up with some FAQs. Use the Contact Button on this page to send us an email with any others you feel would be worthy.

Please take note there’s only 1 person behind all of this currently. She with the help of a writer and a programmer are all that’s brought things to this point. It’s Time to Grow!