The “Do Over”

There’s a lot of things in desperate need of change. Finding a logical place to start with any hope of actually moving the conversations and efforts forward is the key to being successful this time around. And there will be no numbers on our hands, foreheads or anywhere else.

Identification related constructs have ended up at the very center of our lives, impacting people in practically every way imaginable. This is especially true with the ongoing advent of digital technology. The world has become a cornucopia of virtual addresses.

We don’t have to look far to see serious pitfalls in our outdated identification related systems. They weren’t designed for the scope of uses available from today’s technologies nor the population and inter connectivity we’re now experiencing.

The people, governments & other entities who brought us to where we are simply couldn’t have foreseen what was to come. What were considered to be advanced, modern methodologies last century are now entirely inadequate for the digital millennia.

We’ve been using virtual duct tape to jerry-rigg our most critical identification and numbering systems for a couple decades and it’s resulting in major problems which continue to increase in both numbers and severity. As with many things, the only way to get out of some messes is by starting completely over, going back to square one.

It’s time for a “Do Over” ! And this time, it’s the everyday people that will be in control, we’re going to get this democracy right. By focusing on the needs and desires of individuals rather than those of government and big business, we’re starting on the right foot. Hey, we need to do more things like this! Maybe we will…….

Applications for Unified Numbering delve into the thousands. We can easily predict a period of ongoing discovery and expansion for decades to come. And since Unified Numbering is a more intuitive approach for digital life, many of the best changes will come almost naturally as we progress into different sectors, a step at a time.

To begin imagining how many things Unified Numbering can effect, just open up the yellow pages in any phone book. Each and every business on the face of the planet stands to be effected by Unified Numbering. It will streamline everything they do to benefitting both them and their customers. However, it’s when we flip to the whitepages that things get exciting. What Unified Numbering can do for people is amazing.

Concerns over privacy and lack of control over individual accounts with other entities will be things of the past. And while the majority of businesses will use the network to their benefit, many will have to change their practices in favor of the people they serve. The majority of information based services which subject their users to never ending streams of ads, sell their user data or charge excessive, recurring fees will have to change to survive.

And Unified Numbering allows radically improved performance of pretty much any social networking function you can imagine. All without ads, selling of personal information or loss of privacy. Imagine an end to excessive dues, tons of ads, invasive practices and ridiculous restrictions while finding classmates, friends, relatives, dates or jobs. Also, many other information based services like credit monitors/bureaus, medical record providers, classifieds of all kinds and a myriad of companies in the business of mining and selling data will finally be forced to change what most certainly have been anti consumer practices.

All the aforementioned services will also be way safer, more user friendly and incredibly robust due to being connected via a completely different kind of network. Many will be absolutely free, provided by the network which will be managed and controlled by its users. This differs greatly from letting those who would rather fully capitalize on such basic, public services that make the internet so useful.

Steady but slow advances will inherently allow for careful consideration of the unique facets for each industry/use. Most of our old systems are reversely adaptable for Unified Numbering or can be easily replaced by it. There’s really no foreseeable way to know how long it might take to fully utilize the functionality of this network. It’s a truly awesome vehicle for a massive group of users whose popular wills will direct its expansion. However, it’s the next couple years that will be the most instrumental and exciting to be sure.

The golden era of Unified Numbering is now. And the fact that you’re reading this eludes to another fact, you’re a part of it! As you’re about to find out, there’s some significant benefits for being around during this historic time when the project needs you the most.

Numbernames are sort of like domain names for the real world. Of course they can and will be utilized on line but the real scope is much farther reaching. Upon realization of this idea one might begin to consider how much organization and work lies before us. That said, much work also lies behind us. We’ve seen the good and bad of digital addressing with how the internet works along with domain names and the constructs thereto. Of course this is good since it’s always easier to improve on something rather than create it for the first time. So, we’ll use what we can.

Since all identifiers come in limited quantities, there’s often a challenge for people to get the ones they really want. It’s an age old dilemma well known by anyone who’s worked in fields of identification or branding. Most have experienced disappointment when trying to get that perfect user name, domain name, trade name, email address etc.

There’s just not enough words and characters to go around. Adding to the problem, our populations are exploding and we’ve drastically increased our inter connectivity. So, the age old problem of finding a good name for anything has magnified exponentially.

This is why we inevitably end up settling on alternative identifiers made up of misspellings and combinations of numbers, letters & special characters. It wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact there’s simply too many identifiers being used for too many things. Every company, branch of government and other entities have their own user ID systems to organize their data. This results in utter chaos for the people who have to manage all those 3rd party IDs, user names and numbers.

Instead, with Unified Numbering there will only be one main identifier per person and each is globally unique. And although many entities will continue using their customer identification systems, the customers won’t. Instead, they will have to connect their house IDs to every ones United IDs thereby simplifying and streamlining life on the outside where it matters the most, where it helps people.

The effects will be profound and remarkable. And since United IDs are permanent they’re sort of a new kind of intellectual property belonging solely to each holder, for eternity. Good ones are easily memorized and will be used everywhere and seen by all so it’s only natural that everyone should try to secure one they like.

A considerable amount of deliberation has went into allowing for the broadest amount of options in choosing United IDs. The main factors for increasing availability are identifier length and number of assignments per entity. In promoting use of longer IDs by making them cheaper and limiting registrations to one per person, we make solid strides towards the objective of overall availability. But the fact remains that the best Numbernames won’t last long. They’ll be snagged up early on which is actually quite advantageous for everyone in terms of obtaining funding to grow this exciting network.

That said it’s always important to remember Unified Numbering is much more than a business. It’s being built for the future of humanity and everyone involved during the early stages will get some great fringe benefits. The best Numbernames are one of those benefits and the “Billion Dollar Phreb” (freebie) during Phase III of Sunrise is the icing on the cake.

During this brief and historic period, prices on both alpha numeric and fully numeric Numbernames will be discounted up to a whopping 80%. (In limited amounts) Getting the perfect Numbername is a great bonus, but there’s a lot more to be excited about. Unified Numbering is a system that’s designed to function with humanity for eternity.

People are going to be laying the groundwork for incredible new Unified Numbering related services which will require participation from individuals in every sector. This means there’s exciting opportunities for thousands in highly rewarding careers and incredible entrepreneurial start-ups as Registrars and Private Providers.

And the best part is that anyone can get started right now, for free! Excepting people of certain countries where such basic freedoms offered by Unified Numbering are still illegal, this is something that each and every user of our race can take part in and benefit from, in one way or the other.

It goes hand in hand that in the end, the biggest winner will our societies as a whole. Many believe Unified Numbering can change lives like no other service based technology ever has, or likely ever could. Again, there’s more going on here than a business that solves some age old identification and privacy problems. Users are setting the tone and building the means for future businesses, governments and individuals to coexist in the world intelligently and democratically.

For the first time ever, people will be able to build this virtual society to live and operate within their localities as equal partners in a global sense. Unified Numbering inherently promotes symbiotic goals to be established from the popular desires of people everywhere. So, by simply distributing Numbernames we create the foundation for building an incredibly diverse and powerful group of everyday individuals unlike anything prior.

We can and must change many elements of business, governance and how we live our lives if mankind is ever to truly shine. And although the future is not a movie, it’s much more inviting to imagine one where people have the values of those represented in Star Trek rather than those of Escape from New York. It’s not hard to imagine which is more likely if the common people continue to lose control over the direction of the world.

For starters with this Do Over, the network being borne under Unified Numbering will allow for a nearly infallible check and balance system over thousands of various Providers who handle all our voice communications, written correspondence, media sharing, financial transactions, shipments, medical records, tax information, education and everything that matters. All with only one identifier for each individual to use in everything they do in life including voting on matters important to the future of the world which there’s a lot of.

Trying to imagine an industry that Unified Numbering can’t benefit from is an interesting way to realize its scope. The uses are truly expansive which is why people need all the control, not governments or corporations.

Many uses won’t be tapped for decades, if not centuries to come. But our time is now and the experiences we’re about to have can be of incredible inspiration for this generation and all that follow. It’s going to be a lot of fun, incredibly rewarding and each persons part, no matter how large or small is of great importance. For anyone who’s been looking for something worthwhile to do with whatever extra time or money resources they have, this is it. So, let’s make Unified Numbering the tool of choice for the greatest Do Overs ever.

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