Aristotle said “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers”. This was the ideal set forth by the grand notion of democracy long ago. More recently Benjamin Franklin said “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch” and “Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”. This hits closer to what we’ve ended up with but our lamb of liberty has little armor.

And although lambs may find some strength when banded together, they are forever lambs. Happily content when grazing, requiring no cunning of mind nor sharp teeth which would only leave them to starve. Hence the nomenclature of being lambs. Although some would say life’s not too bad for lambs, they would be the herders or the wolves.

Unfortunately 90% of the human population are such lambs who indeed are fenced in by herders and held at bay by the wiles of drooling wolves throughout their lives. People living in democratic countries are mentally conditioned and bred for such destinies. Our mental teeth are flat and complacency is rampant amongst what are arguably the most disturbing problems in the history of the world. It’s time to change some things.

Todays democracies are ridden with corruption and do not function for the majority as they should. They are in fact, faint reflections of pure democracy and burdened with excessive, manipulative complexities borne of mal intent. What could work quite well, does not and there’s but one reason. We don’t have democracies, they’re oligarchies (governments and financial systems controlled by the wealthy and corrupt).

It’s been said that the founding fathers of America did not build a democracy but rather a republic based on one, this is true. America was sold to We The People as a “Constitutional Democratic Republic” but it’s not and the reason we’re in this situation is simple. Man is inherently flawed with the gift of outlook, the ability to foresee what comes can be a temptress like no other for the “morally challenged”.

Who wouldn’t be tempted/drawn to take at least some advantage of certain opportunities to further the constructs of what they believe in? It’s not beyond the scope of imagination to think of someone sitting at their desk long ago, pondering their future and making decisions thereto. They might be compelled to bend the rules to protect themselves, their friends, their tribe, personal beliefs, deep seated faiths or their future in office and beyond.

At minimum there’s almost always a wee bit of favoritism in just about everything humans do which is why it’s so important that we’re able to create a system that weeds it out in the beginning. If not the problems become cemented into our systems and the select few, self chosen ones, have unfair and unfettered access to the proverbial cookie jar.

Like any well intentioned parent who tries to instill honor and morality in their children, we need to slap their hands and chase them right out of the kitchen. The problem is, and has always been, how to do it? Coos don’t work and nobody really wants to overthrow their governments which they rely on for safety, rule and order.

There is a lot of fervor around any kind of revolution, especially the governmental kind. It’s been said that no revolution has ever succeeded without major violence or impending threat thereof which is true. The threat however is not to the system but to the corrupt individuals who are running it. Burning down a courthouse isn’t the answer, arresting and prosecuting the corrupt people inside the courthouses (and elsewhere) is the answer.

Even though it’s a pretty big challenge and the results are awesome, what we’re talking about doing is really nothing more than a bit of light housekeeping. Sure, a lot of corrupt politicians will go down (likely all of them) and the billionaires/trillionaires will lose all their money but that’s the worst of what can come, it’s called JUSTICE. Conversely, the benefits are massive, nearly unimaginable, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

However, it might seem that a quick repair to our current democratic systems is to elect better people. But just when we think we’ve elected puerile servants, those “one of us” kinds, they’ll likely begin to change or find the opposition to great to get anything done. The cure is almost as subversive as the problem, we have to systematically and methodically force the changes and rebuild the systems. Together we can do this, one person at at a time. This is where the Unified Numbering Project really is a revolution.

And all revolutions are like tidal waves. They start quietly as ripples somewhere in a vast sea. Then with time, momentum builds and they become powerful waves of unstoppable immensity. There’s nothing people can’t do when banded. All it takes is; A. organization (the Unified Numbering Network), B. some grit (this site) and C. a little hope (that’s you).

The most exciting and liberating part is that you’re not reading a book about Unified Numbering nor are you dreaming about it’s democratic system called “Numbervote”. Albeit in initial phases, they are real. So, we’re not just talking about doing something here or asking others to do it for us, we’re doing it. And as stated above, unlike all of the greatest revolutions of past there need be no bloodshed, loss of life or loss of anything (excepting for those who flee or resist arrest).

Numbervote is the embodiment of what democracy was supposed to be. Imagine being empowered with the ability to quietly research unbiased information and make decisions on important issues without outside coercion of any kind. Unbelievably, this is something that doesn’t exist even in the most elemental facets of our democracies. Politicians and corporations buy our votes via their huge network media pals who spread rumors to tell us what and how to think. And the sickening fact is that they use our money to do it!

Take a moment to consider who actually pays for all forms of product and service advertisements as well as every multimillion dollar political campaign ever waged. It’s not the ones running the campaigns or selling the products. In the end, we the consumitizens pay our leaders to brainwash us into doing everything they want us to do.

However, the FED can print money all day long but its real value can only come from us, those who earn and use it. That means we’re owed and indeed have, the control. The age old game of corruption must end, and now in what many say are “end times” is the perfect time. Consider…….

During the lowest point of the recession in 2010 the cost of advertisements leading up to the midterm elections was an insane $4 billion. And back in 08 we spent $5.2 billion for the presidential elections. Not surprisingly, a good deal of this money ends up in the hands of media conglomerates. But NumberVote is different, although people will indeed poll and campaign for issues they’d like to see addressed, there’s no money involved. We’re completely removing cash as a factor from our democracy. It’s a complete no brainer.

NumberVote is designed/built for the management and direction of the Unified Numbering Project. It will be released in the first part of phase IV but has been under development for some time. It’s becoming a very rich application with full expectations for users to build upon it for use with other big things that matter. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to go to a polling booth or send in a ballot? Most would agree that relying on such old systems is ridiculous in this day and age. We do everything else on line, even our taxes, so why can’t we learn about the subjects and vote on them there too? The reasons are hogwash from those who are trying (and succeeding) in defrauding democracy.

Against what some would proclaim, internet voting is absolutely doable. It was thought that the most important part of the job laid in ratcheting down the networks and software to a guaranteed degree of compliance in terms of security. Internet Voting has been sabotaged by the oligarchs on several occasions each time using the bogus claim of lack of security. absoluteness of security measures. However, the obvious questions would be; “Are hanging chads and electronically manipulatable check boxes better”? Of course not!

We can do this, easily. In order to be successful we must simply maintain the publics’ ability to access, verify and trace, it’s the “The Three Corners of Democracy” as follows;

1. Ability for identity secured verification of who voted (voter list)
2. Chronological, serialized records for each ballot submitted (voting string)
3. Individual post vote check and balance for each ballot (voter verification)

These items are the gist of what’s going to make internet voting work for the people in any democracy. Citizens will also be utilizing Numbervote to manage and control the future of Unified Numbering with hopes of perfecting things to the point of being able to use it elsewhere.

Here’s a few radical ideas for using NumberVote to manage Unified Numbering, we can dream of AND DO much more;

• No idiomatic motivations: Voting based on the subjects at hand, not personal stigmas.

• No Districts, Electorates or Gerrymandering; Pure Democracy w/simple, majority rule.

• No incomplete information or paid ads to base decisions on, just unbiased facts.

• No Profiling: Anyone who has a Numbername (verified identity) can vote.

• No Political Parties: Imagine people voting directly on the issues that matter to them.

• No Corporate Influence: Businesses aren’t people, only people have the right to vote.

• No Money: Democracy has become a candy store of corruption and profiteering.

• No Advertising: Watching bogus ads is not how people should research issues.

• No Errors or Glitches: Numbers don’t lie, we need a system that relies solely on accuracy.

• No Red Tape: Registering and voting should be easy and readily accessible to EVERYONE.

• Full Transparency: Everyone’s votes are public, nothing to hide, no hypocrisy.

The above are just a handful of solutions and benefits, each of them erode at the very core of inequality and corruption. We’ve got major issues and there’s no way they’re going to go away unless we get together elsewhere to change them. It’s another “do over” and there’s tons of them that can be addressed by people once purposefully united within Unified Numbering. We’re going to do this and the payoffs are massive.